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What we do

1. Online & offline student counselling and admission support to students in India & foreign countries. Mentorcell.com is an online platform, having easy access from any part of India. Career Counselling material has been put up on the portal post thorough research, discussions with career counsellors and experts. The content is precise so that students don’t waste more time on reading the content. The thought is not to confuse the students through loads of information, but to help them make a right career choice.

2. Post counselling, we provide value coupons to students for respective college. The coupon shall be redeemed at college during admission process, thus supporting the student financially.

3. With the idea to support college students, we are providing online tutorials for curriculum courses so that college students can perform better in degree exams and graduate with higher % marks, which in turn will make them more confident and job ready.

4. We will be having online platform to support students in getting internships and placements during/post completion of their college education.