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Company overview

MentorCell.com is founded by IIT alumni and IIM Alumni with a vision to extend support and guidance to students at school and college level for the betterment of their academic and professional career and thus contributing towards nation building.

In India, every year almost 40-45 lacs student are enrolling for Science Stream, 40-45 lac students taking admission in engineering colleges, 8-9 lac students take admission in medical stream, almost 35-40 lac students are enrolling in commerce stream, 4-5 lac students are going for management programs. Many of these students didn’t make a researched and well informed choice. Quite a large number of students are belonging to rural, less educated families. They are not getting proper career guidance which you can understand. Also there are many students who want to go for the career option different than what their parents/relatives are into. In India, still many students are getting guidance from parents/relatives/friends who are having limited knowledge/global academic understanding. Guidance from such sources might not be able to help the student in making a right career choice. Many rural students don’t have access to professional counsellors due to the location issue, lack of trust due to commercialisation in counselling sector etc.

Understanding all these issues, we thought of founding Mentorcell.com, which is an online platform, having easy access from any part of India. Career Counselling material has been put up on the portal post thorough research, discussions with our career counsellors and education experts. The content is precise so that students don’t waste more time on reading the content. The thought is not to confuse the students through loads of information, but to help them make a right career choice

We have provided here researched and precise content on courses, career choices, exams, colleges, fees, reviews, college admission process and scholarships etc. which is simple and quick to understand. To make the process simpler, we have also put up counselling videos made by experts and educational institutions.

We provide financial assistance in terms of value coupons to bring down the educational expenses. These value coupons can be obtained and redeemed by the students at number of prestigious colleges in India through simple registration process.

Since we will be closely associated with the students right from start of their career, we are developing online platform to support them in getting internships/placement during/post completion of their education. We are also providing online tutorials to the students for their academic curriculum courses so that they can excel in their degree courses also.

We aim that all students get rightly educated and take the right step towards building their career.